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This community is dedicated to import cars. Feel free to join and make yourself at home!

A few rules:

1. Please keep posts topical and import car-related.

2. No advertising of businesses or events. The occasional "for sale" or event notification is okay. No community promotion unless it is car-related.

3. You may display one non LJ-cut picture in a post. This picture must not exceed 500 pixels in width. This bar illustrates the width limit:

Anything that does not meet these criteria (1st picture, < 500 pixel width) we'd love to see, but it must be LJ-cut. Violations will get one warning, and if not heeded, 24 hours after the warning the post will be nuked. No exceptions.

To learn how to add an LJ-cut, go here.

4. Comments must be turned ON for every entry. If you're not going to stand by what you wrote and endure the possibility of taking flak, then don't post.

Violations of these rules will be given one warning, and if not heeded, the post will be deleted. Blatantly or gratuitously offensive posts or comments will be deleted without warning. Repeat offenders will be banned. Interpretation of these rules is at the moderator's discretion. You know the drill.

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