Anybody want to moderate/maintain this community? I no longer have the time or the desire to do so (due in no small part to my current lack of an import car with "credentials"). Comment on this post and let me know. Thanks!
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after searching a life time and a half...

i finaly found an import community that is actually active...

ok so im ashley, 19. nashua NH. i drive an 08' toyota corolla S, in speedway blue. its my baby. it was an insanely hard choice to keep this car after i descoverd the new civics. which i am compleetly inlove with! but i am also compleetlu inlove with my car. slight down side to my car... i couldnt find a stick, so its an auto. but none the less that can soon be changed. 2 days after i got it i put an underglow kit in it. although that didnt last too long considering i live in newengland, and our roads suck. one of mytubes fell literally right out of my car about a month ago... but oh well with winter here i decided to take it out anyway. next spring im going to put some rims on, and maybe drop it an inch or 3. lol. i want to do a billion things to this car...

anyone else have one?

well anyway here are a few pics.

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okay so after my last honda got stolen i was a lil broken hearted... but after many domestic vehicles i am back to the import scene. i recently picked up a 1990 crx... it still has the stock d15b6 and manual 5 spd. but i plan on a mini me swap. i am buying a d16y8 head, single t/3 t/4 turbo stage 2 intercooler, full cat back exaust, lowering springs, and a cold air intake... anyone else have any suggestions get at me. or any suggestions on where to buy my shit let me know. 
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