flyaway_x_x (flyaway_x_x) wrote in importracing,

after searching a life time and a half...

i finaly found an import community that is actually active...

ok so im ashley, 19. nashua NH. i drive an 08' toyota corolla S, in speedway blue. its my baby. it was an insanely hard choice to keep this car after i descoverd the new civics. which i am compleetly inlove with! but i am also compleetlu inlove with my car. slight down side to my car... i couldnt find a stick, so its an auto. but none the less that can soon be changed. 2 days after i got it i put an underglow kit in it. although that didnt last too long considering i live in newengland, and our roads suck. one of mytubes fell literally right out of my car about a month ago... but oh well with winter here i decided to take it out anyway. next spring im going to put some rims on, and maybe drop it an inch or 3. lol. i want to do a billion things to this car...

anyone else have one?

well anyway here are a few pics.

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